Friday, December 30, 2011

Wonder Woman quick sketch

Just thought I would post this. I know it's been a while, but I've been playing Skyrim.......SKYRIM!!!!!!. *ahem*, yeah. anyway here is a quick one of Diana, because WHO doesn't like wonder woman eh?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So sorry for the lack of updates, i plan on drawing again soon here. I've been playing alot of champions online and DC universe online as well....even though both are kinda highly buggy, i enjoy making my own evil doer as well as the occasional hero. however playing both have been giving me urges to draw. especially dcuo. Ever since playing that i've got this strong urge to do alot of green lantern stuff. so keep an eye out for that.....whenever i get done gaming. lol.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Celexians

So...once again i went through some old art of mine and stumbled upon an old alien sci-fi race i came up with Called the Celexians (selex-ians). anyway i wanted to re-design what i did before and all that jazz.

Here is the first drawing i did of the race. This one was of a character named Raam (rom). did this back on 06'.

And this is what i came up with now. same concept but added a mouth.....seen no reason for them not to have one. wanted to do a bit of the home planet in the background.....but you see how that came out. ugh....

And colored...i dont know whats going on but my coloring is off for some reason....the hell is with that!? guess its time i finally go watch coloring tutorials and try to figure out what the fuck you guys are talking about.  Anyway this character is Nahaan (Nu-hawn, u as in "up") another Celexian. i really want to do something about this species. really , really, badly for some reason. Anyhow im really going to need to fine tune my coloring before i post it may be awhile. not really happy with the last few posts...color wise that is.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Saren & Sovereign

I've been wanting to draw these two for awhile now, and even though it hasn't turned out the way i wanted it to, it's still good enough i think. Anyway they were by far my two favorite characters from the first Mass Effect.

I will do another one when i can...or remember to, might even do one with Legion. that guy was cool. anyway hope you like.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Master Melenia.

Darth Shadows' Current master. Wanted to do a pic of her without the hood up. got the lines and color down here. still needs work.

The pic was too big for the first sheet of paper.....i have realized i have a sizing problem so the lightsaber and the rest of her....assets were on another sheet. i think im getting better at putting them together these days. although you can see where i did it on the lightsaber on here.

I dunno....i like it for the time being.....i really need to learn how to color professionally though. but im just too lazy at the moment to go looking at those long ass tutorials with half ass explanations for things.  anyway hope you like it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Darth Obsidian (speed coloring)

Wanted to do a quick one of my dark lord of the sith character for my book. (( pretty much like my own emperor). anyway it could have gone better. gonna have to do another one real soon....meh.

                                                     ugh...and i really like this character too....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A love between a Master...& Her Apprentice

I've Been meaning to re-do Darth Shadow and his non sith master.  i've drawn them together a few times, but they never came out as good as this one did. as you can see below.

The Very first one i did of the two, walking.......somewhere. I think someone on Deviant art colored this, but i cannot currently remember who it was.

The Second one i did which turned out Horrid, Called this one 'Betrayed'. Also got Shadows' old Saber design....which i hated.

And Here is the new one. wanted to kinda re-create the one above. Anyway yeah the two are very much in love......and that's as far as i got with that....haha! However She is the one of the very few Grey Jedi in my book. i did some of my own races just to make it kinda different. She's Very old but ages Quite slow due to the force and all that. I think im going to do more on these two this week, and other characters because i feel a starwars kick heading my way.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Dream Demon

wanted to re-try Freddy again, The other one i did is called Elm streets Public enemy i believe....which is still on here somewhere. anyway here is the re-do.

Had to post the pre-color because it got dark, and kinda hard to see what i did line wise for his face. ......and stuff.

And here is ze final version.....i like it a bit better than my first one....but not much. guess i'll have to try harder next time eh?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Gothams' Mother Nature

Thought i'd post this one. My first Poison Ivy drawing ever. It turned out ok i suppose.

Went more or less for the version i've been seeing alot lately. It's been awhile since ive read a Batman comic so im not sure where the hell she picked up this costume, or if it's even her actual one, but i like it. I may have to do Miss Quinn next, as im inlove with her.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Dark Knight

Wanted to re-do yet another old pic i did back in the day. Good ol' Batman. can't go wrong drawing him.

The first picture i ever did of batman. as you can tell i based it off the old cartoon that they never should have take off the my opinion at least.

                        The lines and shading for my new one. turned out ok i suppose.

                                                And the finished version of the Dark Knight.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Illithid Sorcerer

So I've been wanting to do one of these guys for awhile, but was never good at drawing them, this is my first kinda successful Mindflayer. Kinda makes me want to play D&D again. wish they had a decent console game out there in a kind of Elderscrolls type of play.... anyway.

Here are the lines and shading i did, which again, took forever for some reason. however i am pleased with the way it turned out.

And here is what i did with the colors.  i think they turned out ok, was wanting to use that skin shine thing ive been trying out...i think that part came out good, the rest i could've done better with, but im still learning colors on my own. pretty good for self learning for the time being.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What im looking forward to.

If you know me at all you know im a huge gamer. and although there aren't too many games out there that i want to play, here are a few that i know you have heard of and may also even be getting.

I thought this to be the better gameplay trailer for SKYRIM because i thought they shown more and explained alot more. and i also see that beards are now an option to have in there so HELL YEAH!!

Also totally looking forward to the last Mass Effect game....i think its going to be the last, i know it was made to be a trilogy but you know how people are these days...may end up with 6 games, which is no problem, just as long as it doesnt suck. However i have yet to be disappointed by a bioware game. that I have played.

I Must say the Reapers seem to be rolling mighty deep in this one.

Also looking forward to the new bioshock. probably one of my favorite FPS games. a bit different from the other two, which took place under water. but im really digging what they did in this one.

Graphics are different, but look amazing to me. I believe this is set before Rapture and Andrew Ryan.

This last one is a movie trailer For Immortals which looks......fucking...amazing! im hoping it doesnt suck as well. also comes out the same day that SKYRIM!!!!!! does. anyway check it out

Masked guy looks to be pretty cool. with his magical bow.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Last stand

I decided to do one of the former clan leader before his final battle.I was meaning to get this up earlier but wasnt enough time to do so. Anyway this is Nracha-dte Sain'ja, D'lex's father. ill do more about this later, running late for work.

yep , hope you all like it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thwei N'ritja (blood dance)

A quickYautja i wanted to do. I'll reveal more about her later, for the time being i just wanted to get this up on here. I'm kinda diving into the Yautja Lore at the moment to find out more about them then i currently know.

Shading with spots added. kinda liked how this came out.

Rest of the colors added.....guess its ok.  i liked it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

In A Tight Spot

OMFG! this took longer than i wanted it to. Jesus! Atleast it looks better than the other one. right?....*ahem* well i thought i would do a follow up to the last pic of D'Lex i did. same strange world. however this is several minutes later after he took refuge in a cave....guess he should have scanned it first.

The shading for this took forever!! waaaay longer than i wanted it to, but i liked how it turned out.

And the final result, i wasnt sure what to make the creature. originally he was green, but didnt fit the scene i thought. 
I may yet do another one of him. since im in a yautja mood and all.

Also in case you're wondering why the sudden interest in the Yautja. 1. i wanted to redo my old character. 2. I recently just seen the new 'Predators' movie that i DID'NT even know was made a few days ago on! HOW do they keep messing up predator?? only 2 out of 5 of the movies were good....which were the first two. They don't even need to have people in the movie, just a Yautja on some alien planet fighting dialogue. thats it! well...i guess if you are hard up for some sort of speaking, make them speak in their native tongue and throw in some subtitles for fucks sake.

End of rant!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

(Yautja Hunter) D'Lex Tbi

D'Lex Tbi - meaning - D'lex : A super-strong, metallic/crystaline material.  / Tbi: survivor. Got his name from being very hard to kill, no matter what lies before him, he seems to come out alive and stronger than ever.
Originally i wanted to name him something dealing with him being a techie. (building plasma casters and whatnot) However i am not that great with the Yautja language. Is it sad that i know what the actual predator and alien race is called??  Anyway this will most likely not be the final design, as i may change colors and whatever.

First i want to show the original picture i did of him.

Did this back in the day. Kept a few things and did it differently...

Him on the right again. I actually re-named him as you can see, Because i swear to god every other yautja is named night blood, i also made him a tad smaller than he is in this picture.

Non colored version of him, so i can make color changes later.

And what i did this morning. 
A little about him is that ofcourse he is a hunter, but a different kind than your usual Yautja. He still takes trophies from his victims, however he also takes whatever tech he finds of interest to him off of them. constantly modifying his own, and others in his clan.
For weapons he tends to use 2 Plasma casters ( that he built himself) and 2 pistols (yautja crafted ofcourse) he's a tad gun happy.
He does use wristblades for upclose combat, 2 of those actually to be exact. He usually carries a bag full of Crafted Shurikens, as a just incase. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baroness and the Commander

Meh...........I'll have to do another ..not happy with this one, but decided to post it none the less.


Monday, August 29, 2011

For Cobra!!

Now I'm a Cobra Fan through and through, and blame The Commanders minions for his losses against the Joe's.  I wanted to do one of him for a while, but as you can see...they never turn out right. Thought i'd post it anyway though seeing how im not really doing anything else at the moment.

I want to do another one of him with his other mask...that I actually like him wearing, Never was fond of his helmet for some reason...even as a child. Don't worry I'll not speak of that Horrid construction of a movie for G.I. Joe.....they did the Commander NO justice in there!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Champion of Darkness

So i wanted to do another one of the 'Exit Eden' characters from the book Rin and I were working on.
Decided to do one of the main character, who is No hero by a long shot. However i thought id do one of his shadow tentacles kinda comming out.

Anyway Vier (Xavier) is the champion that darkness has chosen to represent them.

Color Version....still needs work.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Psychic Lord

This is an old pic i did of a character Miss Rin and I came up with back in the day. i still like the way i did this , so i just did a newer version and actually added skin colors to him this time.

And this is the new one i did this morning, pretty much the same picture. just wanted to redo it. i really like this guy. kinda has his own coolness about him.

Anyway the guys name is Reaver, and he has very powerful Psychic powers, Might have to talk to Rin one day about getting the webcomic back up and running...after i get better ofcourse.

 Color Version.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hopeless in the dark.

 I wanted to re-do another one of an old pic....the older version is sad as hell. i still like it, because of the theme, and the craziness of it a tad eccentric anyway.

Yeah so i had this in my head for a while now, and finally got it out on paper. It kinda kept comming in and out for me but i finally got ahold of it and put it on paper....yay...i guess.

Anyway i did this while ofcourse listening to Betrayal.

I love this song but I find that if i listen to it for too long my thoughts go to a dark place.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nouvelle Vague

another group i find myself listening to these days they are pretty good. atleast to me they are

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Motoko Kusanagi

Because y' can't save the world, unless your breasts are about to explode out your top.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ra'Sakhar sketch

So im a pretty big Elderscrolls fan. really looking forward to Skyrim. Anyway i sketched out my Khajiit mage from Oblivion, and another one of what i may try to make him look like if they added a BEARD option, and other things.

Yes i know Khajiits do not live that long. however i really liked the character i made and plan on remaking him in skyrim so...whatever. I may do another one and color it.

Thievery Corporation

A Friend of mine suggested this band to me, She's got great music taste so i gave it a listen and loved alot of their songs, just thought id post it here for you to listen. and ofcourse if you like it you can go get an album or two.

Caught Off Guard

Finally got around to getting the other August Picture done. I had other things to do...and still do, however i wanted to get this out of the way before i forgot to.

So i wanted to add this one before the final, because i went a tad dark on the shading. so you can see some of the things before hand.

And here is the final colors. Also i wanted to do a drawing of him without the long jacket. I think it turned out ok somewhat. I still need to get better, but i did want to show his nifty gun arm, and with his glasses not over his eyes. which by the way also help him determine the difference between androids and humans, and a few other things.

Anyway wanted to do a pic of him getting ready to throw down with a Bot. As you can see they obviously had a previous encounter before hand...apparently that didn't go too well for him.
Time for another approach maybe?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August of the West

So apparently im kinda on a sci-fi kick, because i dug up these two pics from the grave.....well not really. i Always wanted to do a sci-fi western book or something, seems that movie beat any of us to the punch that wanted to do so....meh.

Anyway this is August, i did this waaay back in the 07' or something around there. i gave him some sort of hover bike instead of a horse. need to re-do that design as well. anyway after seeing it i thought i would re-do him and change a few things.

And this is the end result, i wanted to give him wild like hair since he's half black and native american. got rid of the all black jacket since i tend to use that color WAY to much. traded his bullet belt for something more newer, not going to explain what that does yet :) . I also gave him two guns, so instead of the old revolver i gave him a high powered lazer sniper rifle, his right arm is also replaced with a cyber arm, that when he wants can turn into a sort of shotgun cannon. ill have to draw that tomorrow to kinda show that off. and as you can see he now has a little friend who helps him out with really long range shots...anyway i hope you all like the newer version, i still may tweak his appearance a bit here and there. so this may not be his final look.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mine Warden

God i am so tired right now its stupid! however i wanted to post this before i went to bed...took me all morning to do it....which was longer than i wanted to take on this damned thing. however it turned out kinda cool. Wanted to do another Sci-fi dwarf character, and Came up with this Mine Warden. 

got his navigation hud, and lazer pick axe...all that good stuff..Forgive me the description is not good today. but im tired. I did what i came to do now im off to bed. Take care all.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Collab with Trybit

This is the first thing me and Trybit did, i hate the characters i did on there now, at the time i liked it, but now that i look at it the only awesome part in this piece is the stuff Trybit did.

Collab with Trybit

This is another old piece i did, thought i would post this as well. i only did the guy as you can most likely tell the other stuff and awesome Graffiti words are My bro Trybits doing, i got a link to his Deviant Art page if you want to check it out.....Nah screw the "if" you should go see his work.


This is an old piece, but im surprised i did not post it in here.

I really liked how this turned out.....not much to say about it, hope you all like it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Winters Rose

I did this for someone who is also like myself a huge Zelda fan. I like it well enough, however i can already point out some things i could have done better on.

Anyway i hope she likes it, as i enjoyed doing it! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Shadow Elf Mage N'Kara

Ok so for this one...which came quicker than the dwarf did....perhaps because i already had the image in my head of what i wanted her to look like. Anyway for this one i wanted to go with a kind of future sex appeal thing. i think it turned out pretty well. She's actually a gun mage, ill have to do her again next time with her weapons. I had fun doing this one as well as the dwarven one.

I could have eased up on the shading on her entire back side...but i guess it still turned out ok. I'll  have to do a drawing of her fighting or something.
Anyway hope you all like this one as well as all of my recent work.