Friday, September 2, 2011

In A Tight Spot

OMFG! this took longer than i wanted it to. Jesus! Atleast it looks better than the other one. right?....*ahem* well i thought i would do a follow up to the last pic of D'Lex i did. same strange world. however this is several minutes later after he took refuge in a cave....guess he should have scanned it first.

The shading for this took forever!! waaaay longer than i wanted it to, but i liked how it turned out.

And the final result, i wasnt sure what to make the creature. originally he was green, but didnt fit the scene i thought. 
I may yet do another one of him. since im in a yautja mood and all.

Also in case you're wondering why the sudden interest in the Yautja. 1. i wanted to redo my old character. 2. I recently just seen the new 'Predators' movie that i DID'NT even know was made a few days ago on! HOW do they keep messing up predator?? only 2 out of 5 of the movies were good....which were the first two. They don't even need to have people in the movie, just a Yautja on some alien planet fighting dialogue. thats it! well...i guess if you are hard up for some sort of speaking, make them speak in their native tongue and throw in some subtitles for fucks sake.

End of rant!

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