Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A love between a Master...& Her Apprentice

I've Been meaning to re-do Darth Shadow and his non sith master.  i've drawn them together a few times, but they never came out as good as this one did. as you can see below.

The Very first one i did of the two, walking.......somewhere. I think someone on Deviant art colored this, but i cannot currently remember who it was.

The Second one i did which turned out Horrid, Called this one 'Betrayed'. Also got Shadows' old Saber design....which i hated.

And Here is the new one. wanted to kinda re-create the one above. Anyway yeah the two are very much in love......and that's as far as i got with that....haha! However She is the one of the very few Grey Jedi in my book. i did some of my own races just to make it kinda different. She's Very old but ages Quite slow due to the force and all that. I think im going to do more on these two this week, and other characters because i feel a starwars kick heading my way.

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