Thursday, September 1, 2011

(Yautja Hunter) D'Lex Tbi

D'Lex Tbi - meaning - D'lex : A super-strong, metallic/crystaline material.  / Tbi: survivor. Got his name from being very hard to kill, no matter what lies before him, he seems to come out alive and stronger than ever.
Originally i wanted to name him something dealing with him being a techie. (building plasma casters and whatnot) However i am not that great with the Yautja language. Is it sad that i know what the actual predator and alien race is called??  Anyway this will most likely not be the final design, as i may change colors and whatever.

First i want to show the original picture i did of him.

Did this back in the day. Kept a few things and did it differently...

Him on the right again. I actually re-named him as you can see, Because i swear to god every other yautja is named night blood, i also made him a tad smaller than he is in this picture.

Non colored version of him, so i can make color changes later.

And what i did this morning. 
A little about him is that ofcourse he is a hunter, but a different kind than your usual Yautja. He still takes trophies from his victims, however he also takes whatever tech he finds of interest to him off of them. constantly modifying his own, and others in his clan.
For weapons he tends to use 2 Plasma casters ( that he built himself) and 2 pistols (yautja crafted ofcourse) he's a tad gun happy.
He does use wristblades for upclose combat, 2 of those actually to be exact. He usually carries a bag full of Crafted Shurikens, as a just incase. 

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