Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What im looking forward to.

If you know me at all you know im a huge gamer. and although there aren't too many games out there that i want to play, here are a few that i know you have heard of and may also even be getting.

I thought this to be the better gameplay trailer for SKYRIM because i thought they shown more and explained alot more. and i also see that beards are now an option to have in there so HELL YEAH!!

Also totally looking forward to the last Mass Effect game....i think its going to be the last, i know it was made to be a trilogy but you know how people are these days...may end up with 6 games, which is no problem, just as long as it doesnt suck. However i have yet to be disappointed by a bioware game. that I have played.

I Must say the Reapers seem to be rolling mighty deep in this one.

Also looking forward to the new bioshock. probably one of my favorite FPS games. a bit different from the other two, which took place under water. but im really digging what they did in this one.

Graphics are different, but look amazing to me. I believe this is set before Rapture and Andrew Ryan.

This last one is a movie trailer For Immortals which looks......fucking...amazing! im hoping it doesnt suck as well. also comes out the same day that SKYRIM!!!!!! does. anyway check it out

Masked guy looks to be pretty cool. with his magical bow.

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