Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heya Folks.

I'am currently taking a small break from drawing, until i get all my files still doing that......yeah.
anyway currently im playing DDO, which i like to call DDO WOW. alot of wow players are on there, and sadly i am no fan of WOW. played it once got to lvl 20 surprisingly and quit. i dont see what all the hype is about that game, i actually hate it to be honest.

In my opinion, it feels to me that todays game developers are getting lazy. It seems most games are either FPS, which i dont really care for. or MMO's which i also dont really care for. For example im also a huge starwars fan, and after playing kotor 1& 2 i was psyched when i finally heard they were doing another one, only to be slapped in the face when i heard it would be an MMO. i mean.....what the fuck happened? they couldve made another expansion to Galaxies if they wanted to do that. We ask for another awesome sequel to an awesome game and they give us.....The old republic. But i guess its awesome for all the mmo players. Have fun with that guys.
Only reason im actually playing DDO is because i thought it was going to be like D&D. which i am a HUGE fan of. turns out its like a distant cousin of D&D who got molested one too many times or something. Anyway i ran into some fellow roleplayers on there, which made me feel nostalgic about my old Neverwinter Nights days. And there are some awesome people in the guild im in, so that kinda makes up for it. However besides this uncalled for rant im doin. I wanted to take the time to post my Deviant art webpage on here, because i noticed i havent done that yet, and dont really know how to get the tool up on the right hand side of the page yet. So until i do you are all going to have to suffice with this.


Anyway see you guys when i see ya.