Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Celexians

So...once again i went through some old art of mine and stumbled upon an old alien sci-fi race i came up with Called the Celexians (selex-ians). anyway i wanted to re-design what i did before and all that jazz.

Here is the first drawing i did of the race. This one was of a character named Raam (rom). did this back on 06'.

And this is what i came up with now. same concept but added a mouth.....seen no reason for them not to have one. wanted to do a bit of the home planet in the background.....but you see how that came out. ugh....

And colored...i dont know whats going on but my coloring is off for some reason....the hell is with that!? guess its time i finally go watch coloring tutorials and try to figure out what the fuck you guys are talking about.  Anyway this character is Nahaan (Nu-hawn, u as in "up") another Celexian. i really want to do something about this species. really , really, badly for some reason. Anyhow im really going to need to fine tune my coloring before i post again.....so it may be awhile. not really happy with the last few posts...color wise that is.

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