Saturday, August 13, 2011

August of the West

So apparently im kinda on a sci-fi kick, because i dug up these two pics from the grave.....well not really. i Always wanted to do a sci-fi western book or something, seems that movie beat any of us to the punch that wanted to do so....meh.

Anyway this is August, i did this waaay back in the 07' or something around there. i gave him some sort of hover bike instead of a horse. need to re-do that design as well. anyway after seeing it i thought i would re-do him and change a few things.

And this is the end result, i wanted to give him wild like hair since he's half black and native american. got rid of the all black jacket since i tend to use that color WAY to much. traded his bullet belt for something more newer, not going to explain what that does yet :) . I also gave him two guns, so instead of the old revolver i gave him a high powered lazer sniper rifle, his right arm is also replaced with a cyber arm, that when he wants can turn into a sort of shotgun cannon. ill have to draw that tomorrow to kinda show that off. and as you can see he now has a little friend who helps him out with really long range shots...anyway i hope you all like the newer version, i still may tweak his appearance a bit here and there. so this may not be his final look.

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