Monday, August 1, 2011

Dwarven Mercenary

So a Long time ago i had this dream book i wanted to do, and it was set in the dark age fantasy world. You know the whole dwarves and elves bit. Anyway i thought it would be cool to keep the same characters and all, but recreate the world a bit and set it in the distant waaaay distant. So i'm still working on concept designs and all that, re-doing the map as soon as i find my original. Rename stuff and certain know the works. anyway i remember i did some concept designs for dwarven mercs that DID NOT turn out right at all what so ever. However i thought it's been a while so i should try to re-do one and see how it goes.

And as always i'll show you the old drawings i did before i post the new one.

Here is one that i was able to find. I didn't like it as i feel about most of my work, however there was something about it that made me want to re-draw him. Originally i named him Gloren, but decided to go with Korrgan instead. 

And this is what i came up with after, same character just wanted to give him a different look, and a little more futuristic looking armor, which came out kinda cool looking because in the one of the layers i did before all the lighting and effects, the texture on it looked like a turtle shell. I think after doing this one i might do some other dwarven characters with their helmets on, so you can see some of the designs i wanted for those.

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