Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oni Madness

Ok so a long time ago i had drew a few oni pics but never posted them.....for whatever reason.
and i did these i think before i joined deviant art. or even had a scanner for that matter.
Anyway i decided to re-draw the character, however i failed really bad at the lighting thing, so the end result is a tad dark, i do plan on redoing it again one day, but not running on fumes at the moment.

Ok so this is the very first drawing i did of this guy

I didnt really like the first one so i did another later that day, and this is the end result

And this here is the same character but done today. however as i said before you can tell where i didnt do so well on the lighting and everything, the costume is pretty much the same as the one above, but with a few minor tweaks. Like i said ill redo it one day. only because i forgot to save when i was doing layers and was skipping around, beyond the undo option.....meh.
Still, given everything else it's still alot better than the previous ones yes?


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