Saturday, September 1, 2012


OK so let me explain what i did here. i know it doesn't look like much but,.......what i did was slightly combine two different versions of batman. I really LOVE the Miller version of batman, hence the short ears and Giant bat symbol on the chest. I also liked the glowing eyes thing they did in the Shanghai batman shorts they briefly aired on Cartoon network......which for some reason a lot of you don't like. You guys have to at least give the artist props for the action scenes. I've never done animation but i know that shit ain't easy. Especially back in the day animation.

Page by page by page. So stop bitching and enjoy things man. Yes there will be some things that artists do that we wont like, but for the love of god except "different" Just because it's not what you are used to doesn't mean it's terrible.....unless it's bey blades....that show .....omg the dialogue...fuck it.

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