Sunday, July 8, 2012

True Lord of the Triforce

I love Ganondorf! huge fan of that character. i loved seeing him everytime in the Zelda games. ofcourse we all know nothing compares to his appearance in Ocarina of Time. i would love to see him beat the dog shit out of link and rule hyrule at least ONCE!!!.....anyway this is my version of him.

here is some old drawings i did of him before i liked the way i did the last one.

an old one i did of him in his prime. but with a beard....because beards are epic like that.

old one of hyrule in flames and this one i wanted to re-do but mainly of him so i came up with this ...

and ofcourse when i think Ganon the only song that pops into mind is this one. which is slightly re-done by Zero who is awesome at doing LOZ music as well as others, check his stuff out on youtube.

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