Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bellatrix Lestrange

Now it is no secret that i am a huge Villian fan, or anti-hero. They just seem to have more depth to them for me. Anyway i was flipping through my old drawings, and seen two old Bella trix pics i did, and got to thinking....I should do another one, and it'll give me an excuse to draw Bella.....Because im in love with her and all.However i though i'd add a bit of Sex appeal to her. Below are the first two drawings i ever done of Miss Lestrange.

You can tell this one is old, Because im still using my old 'Ghost' tag there....and besides the fact it was back on 2008. Anyway i thought i'd try to capture her dementedness that even a word??

The second one i did of Bellatrix. Back when i was still using markers. This one was part of my Explosion card set...that i probably wont finish.

And here is the new one. However i realized that i totally screwed up on this one. I figured "eh what the hell, i'll post it anyway" i have no problem posting mess ups or anything of the sort, why not i say, ill not just post my good stuff, but show you what i messed up pics as well, besides i think it's good to see how we grow as artists. Anyway back on topic i did all 3 as a mix of the movie version and my take on her. This one i just kinda had fun you can tell. Still trying to get anatomy right, as you can tell im not to good at that, however having fun is having fun, and until i get it right, I'm gonna have fun doing this, as well as anything else i feel like drawing.

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